About Coober Pedy

Opal capital of the world

Coober Pedy, renowned globally as the "Opal Capital of the World," has a population of around 2,000 residents. Situated in the far north of South Australia, it lies 850 km north of Adelaide and 680 km south of Alice Springs along the iconic Stuart Highway.

Around 150 million years ago, Coober Pedy lay beneath an ancient ocean. As the waters retreated, sandy silica minerals seeped into rocky crevices, gradually solidifying over time into the stunning multi-coloured gemstone known as opal.



Meet the locals in Coober Pedy

A few of our favourite reptiles we have encountered in Coober Pedy, Sturt highway and Oodnadatta track. The bearded dragon, brown snake, thorny devil (which is a rare reptile to see), and friendliest of all, the flies. While these reptiles can often be seen year round, spring time is when you will see them in great numbers, after hibernation.

Bearded dragons can often be seen sunbathing in the middle of the road. 

This brown snake was seen early morning crossing the road outside of town. Danielle and I have lived in Coober Pedy for five years, and this is the only snake we have encountered. As frightening as snakes may be, snake bites are incredibly rare, as they do not seek to attack unless threatened.

Australian flies

The many flies that can be seen perched on my back.

Australian Outback or Mars?

The beauty of the great Australian Outback is a view like no other. The vast reddish landscape, desert plains, and isolation will make you feel like you have truly landed on Mars. If sightseeing in Coober Pedy, be sure to visit the Kanku-Breakaways Conservation park during sunrise or sunset, to witness the magnificent views. The Kanku-Breakaways are located 25km north of Coober Pedy, and can be accessed by Kempe road (Oodnnadatta road) or Stuart highway. Movies that have been filmed in the area include Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985), The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994), and Pitch Black (2000) to name a few.

Coober Pedy Outback

Opals by Steed Coober Pedy