• Quality Austalian Opal

    As a GIA gemologist, I only work with premium Australian opals sourced directly from the fields. With a heritage spanning three generations, my family has over 60 years of expertise in opal cutting. This legacy of craftsmanship ensures that each opal we work with is of the highest quality and cut to perfection.

  • From the Australian Outback

    Our opals are cut and polished in our Coober Pedy workshop. Each opal is sourced exclusively from reputable mining fields known for producing high-quality, stable opal. We supply a variety of opal from Coober Pedy, Lightning Ridge, Andamooka, White Cliffs, and Winton just to name a few!

  • Our Design Process

    We hand select each opal, determining its unique design to be crafted into jewellery. Embracing the uniqueness of each opal, we design bespoke pieces that celebrate the individuality and natural beauty of these precious gemstones. We believe in creating jewellery that serves to ignite the spirit of adventure, travel, and discovery within those who wear it.